7 Safety Tips For Electric Ride-On Toys

Electric ride-on toys are almost as much fun for grown-ups, watching a child imagine they are really driving, as it is for the little one who is really driving. But, it is not fun for the grown-up or the little one if there is a mishap.

Here are 7 Safety Tips to keep your child from harm while driving their electric ride-on toy car or truck:

  1. Adult Supervision: This is the first and most important tip of all. Always be sure there is a responsible adult overseeing the rider at all times. Remember, children really believe they are driving and may take unnecessary risks.
  2. Wear a Helmet: Children should always wear a helmet. A bicycle helmet will do nicely.
  3. Wear a Seat Belt: Not all electric (battery-operated) cars are equipped with seat belts. However, if the car has a seat belt, be sure the child is taught to “buckle up”.
  4. Adjust Seats: If the car has adjustable seats, adjust them so that the child sits comfortably and can reach the pedal easily.
  5. Before Allowing the Child to Drive, introduce him/her to each of the car’s functions and features. Show them how the steering wheel works and controls their direction.
  6. Breaking System: Be sure your child understands that the breaking system is automatic; when pressure is removed from the “gas” pedal, the car will stop.
  7. Keep Off the Road: Ride-on cars are toys, not street-safe vehicles. Keep them out of the streets and off the road.

Ride-on toy safety is really very basic and if the adult on duty is attentive, everyone will have a great time.

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